Nitrates, Soil & NMP

Nitrates, Soil & Nutrient Management Planning (NMP)

We provide a comprehensive range of services for farms in the areas of nitrates, soil and NMP.


Soil Sampling & Nutrient Management Planning

We provide soil sampling and analysis services and prepare full nutrient management plans using the latest software. Our plans can be submitted to DAFM, County Councils and other Local Authorities or Regulators.


Nitrates Derogations & Forms.

We carry out nitrates derogation services such as applications and assisting with any required paperwork, including livestock manure imports & exports (Record 3).

Nutrient management planning is an essential tool on any farm, regardless of size or enterprise. An effective NMP is based on the existing soil properties, land usage requirements and chemical & organic fertilisers. The popularity of NMP is fast growing for a number of reasons. A good NMP is the best money that can be spent on a farm and will pay for itself multiple times over, increasing profitability through savings on efficient feriliser usage, pH optimisation (liming) and stock/land management. Sustainable nutrient management is also essential in modern agriculture by protecting the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Agri Planning Services can also assist farmers with sludge, compost and anaerobic digestate analysis, forage analysis and water analysis.

Our Services

  • Nitrates Derogations & Forms
  • Soil Sampling & Analysis
  • Nutrient Management Planning (NMP)
  • Ongoing Support & Advice

Nitrates, Soil & NMP