Environmental Scheme Applications & Consultancy

We carry out a range of services related to Agri-Environmental schemes and Environmental Consultancy.

We provide consultancy services covering all elements of DAFM Agri/Environmental Schemes. We are DAFM approved agents that can assess Agri-Environmental scheme suitability for your individual requirements and submit environmental scheme applications on your behalf. We provide ongoing scheme support, including training, sustainability planning, soil sampling, farm walks and record keeping.


Agri-Climate Rural Environmental Scheme (ACRES).

The new ACRES scheme replaces GLAS with a broader range of prescription-based measures and results-based measures, aiming to achieve improved biodiversity, climate, air and water quality. The scheme is open to farmers in all areas of the country, with a General stream and Co-Operation stream, with maximum payment rates of €7,300-€10,500 per year, depending on your geographic location and chosen actions. To apply for the scheme, farmers are required to develop a farm sustainability plan (FSP) and application with a DAFM approved advisor. To discuss the suitability of the scheme or prepare an application with an advisor, please contact us


ACRES Training Scheme (ATS).

The Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme (ACRES) requires all ACRES participants to attend a compulsory ACRES Training Course in the first year of their participation in ACRES. The objectives of the course are to:

– Increase farmers’ understanding of climate change, the impact of farming activities on natural resources and the protection of biodiversity at farm level;

– Outline how the actions undertaken as part of ACRES will address the environmental, climate and biodiversity-related challenges, and;

– Educate farmers on how to appropriately implement the ACRES actions; as well as to facilitate the implementation of sustainable farming practices.

Farmers receive a payment of €156 for attending the one-day course. Agri Planning Services are approved ATS trainers. We hold ATS courses on weekdays and weekends at locations throughout the country. To find out more about courses in your area, feel free to get in touch.

Agri Planning Services have worked on a wide range of Agri-Environmental schemes, including: REPS, AEOS, GLAS and REAP, as well as a number of locally led Agri-Environmental schemes.

We can assist farmers and landowners with other environmental consultancy services relating to planning applications and intensive enterprises, such as: Environmental Surveys, Natura Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR), IPC licensing and Nutrient Management Planning. For more information please contact us.

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